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Date: mid 18th century
Medium: porcelain and overglaze enamel
Overall: 2 1/2 x 5 1/8 in. (6.4 x 13 cm)
Classification: Containers
Credit Line: Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Kurstin through exchange
Object number: 89.0046.02
DescriptionThe Chinese have an expression: "A dragon in the water covers himself with five colors (the rainbow), therefore he is a god. If he desires to become small, he assumes the shape of a silkworm, if he desires to become large he lies hidden in the world. If he desires to ascend, he strives towards the clouds; descend, and he enters a deep well. He whose transformations are not limited are not limited by days and whose ascending and descending are not limited by time, is called a god." The Australian aborigines talk of the Rainbow Snake, which has the power to create rain. This pair of bowls is painted entirely in polychrome overglaze enamels depicting nine dragons.
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